About Targeson

About Targeson


Targeson develops, manufactures, and markets microsphere- (or microbubble-) based products specifically for preclinical research and early-stage drug development. The company has engineered a versatile microsphere platform that is used for various ultrasound contrast agents, drug or gene delivery agents, and for targeted cell separation applications.

Targeson’s ultrasound contrast agent product lines are sold under the trade names Targestar® and Visistar®.  These agents are used for imaging perfusion or contrasting the blood pool to monitoring blood flow and vascular function within tumors and organs, as well as targeted imaging of diseases such as angiogenesis, tumor growth, or inflammation. These first in class agents readily target to unique molecular receptors of many diseases, and are used to detect pathophysiology on the molecular level.

Targeson’s transfection agents are sold under the Targesphere® trade name. These first in class transfection agents use ultrasound (sonofection) to enable targetable intracellular drug or gene delivery either in vitro, in vivo, or ex vivo.

The company is also developing a line of buoyancy activated targeted cell separation products, which are quick to perform and simple to use with existing laboratory equipment.

Targeson is headquartered in San Diego, California.